When is the instrument due back?
All rentals must be returned to our store by June 30th and we will send a notice by mail some time in advance. Summer rentals are due back by Aug 31st.

What happens if the instrument is not working?
Please bring the rental to us and do not try and fix it yourself. Normal wear and tear does
occur and is maintained at no charge.

What about accidental damage?
These are delicate instruments and
sometimes they are accidently broken. Any repair cost from user error is the renter’s
responsibity. Repairs can be expensive so we do offer an optional damage coverage plan available at time of rental that will cover most damage related issues.

What if my child changes
instruments or needs a new size?
No problem, just call or stop by!

Can I Buy the instrument?
Unfortanely we do not sell our rentals but we do offer half a year rental credit towards the purchase of a new instrument