Signing up for lessons:

There is no sign-up fee. However, all first time lessons must be paid for in advance.


Lessons are a standing weekly appointment and must be canceled if you can’t make it.  Learning an instrument requires consistent attendance and it is recommended that students choose a time that does not interfere with other engagements. Students with excessive cancellations will be asked to give up their set weekly time and schedule lessons as needed instead.


All lessons must be canceled by 1pm weekdays and 9am Saturday.  This allows us to accommodate all students who may need to reschedule and to properly assign all teacher schedules by the start of lesson day.   Often times, other students may want to reschedule their lesson and may be able to use your time if you can’t make it.  This cancellation policy ensures that all students get the chance to take a lesson each week.  Therefore, students are required to pay for a lesson if not cancelled by these times.

No Shows

If you do not show or call to cancel, payment is required.  After two consecutive no-shows you will be taken out of your scheduled weekly spot and it will be offered to new students.

Rescheduled Lessons

Students may reschedule their lesson for another time/day depending on teacher availability.